(for an excellent visual representation see South Park Season 10 Episodes 3&4)[1]

I am currently writing a book, but considering the blockades, press, and internal conflict created in Canada by our unimaginative politicians[2], I took a break to write this. It is long past due that Canada transform its economy…

The Results of the 2019 Canada Federal election

Given the winds of change at the provincial level and traditional voting patterns of Canadians at the federal level, we should expect a Conservative minority government, possibly even Conservative majority. A Conservative leader with vision, charisma, and passion would have a high…

And Myopia

Part 2 of 2 Insurmountable Problems

Quick summary,

We can achieve the goals of creating jobs, creating an Asian gateway for our energy products, steeply decrease tanker traffic, and protecting the environment (including Killer Whales).


1. Create a deep water port on the west coast of Vancouver Island

2. Build mega offshore platform capable of receiving a pipeline of Natural gas ( in part 1 I showed the futility of piping bitumen)

The platform would be able to receive and fill ships with LNG and more capabilities if desired

I will finish my thinking at the end of December 2018, I am currently pressed for time but wanted to post this much.

Empowering the future

Access to Education

‘Education is central to the moral fulfillment of individuals and the well-being of the society in which they live.”[1]

As I began to dive into the mountains of research available on the internet I quickly realized that no one disputes that it is “better…

rene dansereau

community involved, I hope to challenge everyone with my posts creating awareness that there is another way and learn different perspectives from you!

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